Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Firefox 2 vs IE 7 - anti phishing results

Found this on my Mozilla Developer News feed today.

Out of the 1040 known phishing sites tested, Firefox came on top of IE with better results

Mode Sites Blocked % Blocked
Firefox 2 Local List82078.85%
Firefox 2 Ask Google84881.54%
IE7 Auto Check OFF161.54%
IE7 Auto Check ON69066.35%

The text from the post here

As part of our ongoing commitment to security analysis and testing we engaged SmartWare to test the effectiveness of our Phishing Protection feature. Firefox 2 Phishing Protection and IE 7 Phishing Filter were tested using know phishing sites as evaluated by the community at PhishTank. We picked PhishTank as a data source because it is completely independent of the feeds that we use to create the URL block lists. Since IE might either warn or block, either result was counted as a block for the purpose of this test. To make the test as fair as possible we counted only URL test cases where both IE and Firefox were tested within a 15 minute window and switched the order of which browser was tested first. The results are posted here.

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Detailed Test Results

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