Monday, January 3, 2011

Quick and Dirty Apple Dumplings

Are you feeling lazy? Do you hate baking? Here's a dessert that is practically already made!

All you need is:
1. Pillsbury crescent rolls - 2
2. Butter - 2 sticks (loads)
3. Granny smith apples - 2 (the only healthy part)
4. Sugar - 1.5 cups (may be a bit less)
5. Cinnamon - sprinkling
6. Sprite - small can (oh! yes, believe you me!)

The pictures should really explain themselves. If not refer the link to the original recipe below!
 This was one of the most delicious home-made desserts I have ever tasted. With prep-time of 15 minutes and bake time of 40, there is nothing that beats this!
This serves 8 (2 each) - Calories - better not count!

Credit's due here:

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